Sustainability and Social Impact

 Our Sustainable goals

At A Little Fable, we're stitching together sustainability and style! With a needle and thread of creativity, we weave our way through the fashion industry by minimizing fabric wastage. Every scrap finds purpose, every piece tells a story, and our designs embrace the art of mindful elegance.
When we started we didn't save any katran ( fabric waste) initially and we struggled to learn ourselves and educate our workers and make them sensitive to optimization of cut pieces. We have created space to keep left over fabrics and are using that effectively in creative ways like accessories headbands and sling bags and depending on the size these are also used to make dolls.

Repurposing waste fabrics, we craft unique dolls and their adorable tutu dresses that perfectly match those worn by girls. Our sustainable approach combines eco-consciousness with style, offering a delightful way to embrace fashion while minimizing environmental impact.


Waste fabric utilized ✔️
Towards zero landfill ✔️
Supporting women artisans ✔️


We are at it... every day, in our own unique way.