About us

A Little Fable


A Little Fable is a children’s garment, home and gifting label where every product tells a story—from flying fairies to forestland fun, from trundling turtles to balancing ballerinas. At A Little Fable, all our products are meticulously designed and beautifully crafted from supple fibres and are always lined with cotton which are gentle on your child’s skin. Our colorful themes make both kids and grownups smile, and parents will find our products useful and durable.
We can happily sing for the little ones this rhyme.
Rising on our tipsy-toesies, Twirling round and round,
We flit and float and pirouette. Our dancing does astound.
But when it’s time to go to sleep, Then we are dreamland bound.
We gently, gently snuggle close, And do not make a sound.
At A Little Fable, we’re committed  to making garments and accessories meticulously designed in colorful themes that help us creating giggles, laughs, somersaults and stories one after the other… Discover the full range of unique girls' dresses and boy’s party wear along with accessories, gifts, home products, night-wear and lots